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Operating and Maintenance Manuals are produced to provide the building owner with a record of the building structure / fabric and the installed services. The O & M Manual can be a standalone document, or incorporated in the project Health & Safety File.


The building fabric manual describes the building construction, the materials used, fixtures and finishes, access facilities, etc.


The services manual details the mechanical and electrical services installed within the building, including transportation (lifts, escalators, etc.), fire and security systems, and the building management system (BMS).

Electrical services may include HV and LV distribution, standby generator, UPS, lighting, earthing, lightning protection, data cabling, etc. Mechanical services may include LTHW, CHW, domestic hot and cold water, air conditioning, ventilation, smoke extract, etc.


The content of services manuals in particular is fairly consistent in that there are guides (for example BSRIA  Application Guide 1/87.1) and British Standards (BS 4884 Technical manuals) which specify the content. Typically, a manual will include a description of the installed systems, operating procedures, maintenance procedures, equipment schedules, suppliers details, manufacturers’ literature, disposal instructions, recommended spares, testing and commissioning data, and record drawings.


How the content is presented can vary considerably and often the format for a particular project will be prescribed so that all the manuals produced by the various contractors will look the same and use specific headings, fonts, layout, etc.

We are able to produce manuals following a prescribed style, or using our own style (see example below).

Operating and Maintenance Manuals


The Health & Safety File is a compulsory element of the majority of building projects, introduced as a result of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 (CDM Regs).

The H & S File is the responsibility of the Planning Supervisor, but will invariably require input from various parties including the main builder, subcontractors, etc.


Typical information in the H & S File includes:

· Record drawings

· Design criteria

· General details of the construction

· Details of the equipment and maintenance facilities, e.g. access, etc.

· Maintenance procedures

· Manuals produced by specialist subcontractors (O & M Manuals)

· Location and nature of utilities, including emergency and fire fighting systems.

· Factors affected the health and safety of the occupants including hazardous materials that may be present (COSHH Regs).

The CDM Regulations require the H & S File to provide information on hazards and risks that will be required to manage health and safety during future work.

The H & S File can incorporate the operating and maintenance manual, or it may be a reference document to it.


The CDM Regulations do not specify a format for the H & S File. The structure, format and method of storage or retrieval will vary according to the client’s or end user’s requirements. Where possible the H & S File and the O & M Manuals are complementary to ensure consistency throughout the documentation.

We can produce H & S Files in a prescribed format or our own style (see example below).

Health & Safety Files

Technical Documentation

Electronic Manuals

All text sections of the manual are produced in Word. Schedules are produced in Excel, and all literature, test sheets and miscellaneous documents are PDF files. All files are presented on CD enabling manuals to be viewed on-screen. If required hyperlinks can be inserted to provide simple navigation through the manual.


Drawings will be produced by others. They will be scheduled within the manual and will generally form part of the final presentation.